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 - Shayna -

"I hired Adam at Final Project Productions off Craigslist to film my daugther's wedding - mostly because he was willing to work with us on a package that worked within our budget. Of course we saw some clips of videos he'd done before - and they were really impressive! But when we watched our daughter's video when it was finished - words don't do his work justice! The video was extraordinary! He captured the essence of our familes day and the amazing couple perfectly! Our favorite part was a montage of clips he called "Our Special Day". It's simply exquisite! I've seen other wedding video's that capture the event - but what Adam did for our children's wedding video was take it one step further and not only capture the event, but he turned their speical day into a masterful piece of ethereal art that we will all be able to be emotionally touched by over and over again!"

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- Andrea -

"Adam was so great to work with! He had an amazing ability to capture the essence of our special day. We were so happy with what he provivded to us! We are now able to watch our day, even the moments we missed, and remember how much joy it brought. If you are lloking for a talented videographer to capture your day, contact Adam!!"

- Sharon & Dave -

"When my neighbor of basically my whole life asked my fiancé and me if we were going to have a Videographer for our upcoming wedding, I looked at her as if she was crazy. Did people still hire videographers?? After weeks of deliberation with my future husband and asking a couple of family friends to do it on the side and realizing they were asking for outrageous paychecks, we pulled the plug and decided to give Adam a call. I figured it would be nice to at least have our ceremony and vows for years to come and he had the best prices!


Fast forward to our wedding day, Adam was at the church before I was. I was impressed. He introduced himself to myself, my groom, the bridal party, and our parents. He filmed the guests, the men, and then came down to the bridal suite. When it was time for me to slip into my dress, he politely excused himself and said he would be waiting outside of the door until we have him the OK to come back in the room – what a gentleman!


We made it through church and family pictures smoothly. When it was time to change locations for the bridal party and bride/groom pictures, he insisted on coming along. I thought it was odd and unnecessary but I rolled with it. After a park and a quick stop at our favorite tavern, Adam said his goodbyes and said we would be hearing from him shortly. As he walked out the door, my new husband looked at me and said “that guy is awesome, I hope he can get some rest.” I was puzzled so my husband explained that Adam and his girlfriend were in a pretty intense car accident the night before our wedding due to an inattentive driver. I thought to myself wow, talk about dedicated to your work! I was also relieved to hear that he and his girlfriend were a bit banged up but going to be fine.


A few short weeks later, Adam stopped over at our house, which was nowhere near his and dropped off a rough copy of our wedding DVD. We were supposed to watch it and let him know of any changes we wanted made before the final cut. We grabbed a bottle of wine, snuggled on the couch and watched one of the best days of our lives unfold.


We were in complete awe – we laughed, we were teary eyed, and we laughed some more! He filmed so much that we never even realized happened during the day! We have footage of small conversations between ourselves, our bridal party, we saw “behind the scenes” moments of inappropriate hilariousness from the groomsmen, we can hear every word of our vows, and so so so much more! We could not believe what we were seeing, it’s as if we were making new wedding memories weeks after our special day had passed.


Adam is truly a master of his craft. It is clear how much work and passion he puts into creating wonderful moments for his customers. We would and will recommend him a hundred times over to anyone who tells us they are engaged. Our only regret is that we did not have him come to the reception to film all of the speeches and first dance!"

- Stephanie and Curtis -

"We hired Adam at Final Project Productions for our wedding day per recommendation of our photographer, who had previously worked with Adam. We were looking for someone who coule capture all of the special moments of our big day while guests not even realizing that he was there and Adam did just that. Adam was able to capture everything quietly from the side or background. We were able to totally be ourselves as we often forgot that there was a camera around. We are so pleased with the results of Adam’s work. It’s so great to relive all of those moments again and to catch the things we missed on that day. I would definitely recommend Adam to any newly engaged couple as he does tremendous work for such a great price!"

- Courtney and Oliver -

"Adam was such a professional throughout his time with me and my husband. You forgot that he was in the room with you because he was so focused on capturing all things special. We were not able to meet in person because of the distance between us. We had many many conversations through email and I definitely felt at ease knowing that Adam was the one who would capture every single special moment on our day. He blew us away with the results when we were able to preview the video. My husband and I had no idea how much he actually covered, he did a phenomenal job! When I say he captured every moment, he truly did, there was not one moment missed! We were able to re-live our day and loved having him make it so memorable and enjoyable to watch. Highly recommend if you are on the fence, it is worth it! Adam is the best!"

- Ashely and Matt  -

"Adam did a wonderful job as our videographer. He was flexible and easy to work with, especially with deciding to get a videographer at the last minute (literally like 2 weeks before our wedding).  On our wedding day many aspects of the wedding were surprises to us so Adam had been given very little direction, but he was able to independently work and capture every moment we wanted.  He went right along with each surprise that had been planned for us seamlessly.  We were able to be ourselves and never felt like we had to put on a show.  Our finished video was wonderful.  It was funny, when he delivered the dvd to me I popped it in right away and he hung around while I watched parts of it.  I told him not to be offended by my lack of reaction, that I'm typically not someone who will get emotional, well that lasted about one minute and I was in tears at how the beautiful the footage of our special day was.  Every time I watch it I still get tears of joy in my eyes as I can feel the emotion from that day all over again.  Adam captured not only video footage but the true essence of our day.  We are so happy to have decided on a having him as our videographer because we now have a way to relive that cherished day over and over."


- Melissa and Jim -

"Adam captured our day beautifully! He showed up and on time just as promised, which was so nice not having to worry or stress about. Most of the time you didn't realize he was there, and then you get your video back and realized he got everything you wanted and more!!!  Thank you Adam for your professionalism, respect and talents. We now have something for forever to show kids and grandkids."

-Sylvia and Eleazar-

"Working with Adam was a great experience. He definitely captured our special day perfectly, despite the heat! We got our DVD in only a couple weeks after the wedding and LOVED it! It was nice to relive the day!"

-Audra & Sam-

"Our photographer recommended Adam to us, and we were not disappointed. We had a great experience working with him, before, during, & after our wedding day. Not only was his film package for coverage of our entire wedding day very reasonably priced, but it also included the "special day" highlight reel I was hoping for.  Adam was very prompt in completing our video, giving us the first draft of our video within a few weeks of the wedding. He captured more than we ever realized, and we couldn't be happier with the final product."


- Mallory -

"Final Project Productions did an AMAZING job filming our wedding. Adam, was great to work with and we received the first draph of our video very quickly after our wedding, even though he had just gotten married two weeks after us. Honestly, I wasn't sure if paying for a videographer would be worth it and it really was!! We were able to see so many things that we weren't able to experience; such as the grandparents walking down the aisle or my bridal party tearing it up on the dance floor (since we were taking more pictures). He completely surprised me with how much he filmed and how much was on the video. The sound is superb and the way he edited everything was very special. You can tell that Adam thinks about where he going to place the video cameras and he knows what moments need to be captured. We can never thank Final Project Productions enough and it means so much to us to be able to experience a day that was so full of love and wonderful memories over and over again.

- Erin and Justin -

"Adam did a spectacular job on our wedding video. Everything was just perfect from beginning to end and he captured all the highlights of our day beautifully. He was easy to communicate with before and after the wedding to ensure our needs were met. We are very grateful to have such a special music video he put together and we would recommend his services to others.

- Danielle and Tyler -

We are so glad we chose Adam at Final Project Productions as our wedding videographer. We weren't planning on hiring one until we saw what a great job Adam did with our friends', Mallory and Eric Kettner, wedding montage. Final Project Productions had the most reasonable prices we had seen and Adam was so easy to work with. Prior to the wedding we kept in touch via email and he always responded quickly. On the day of the wedding he was on time and worked very well with our photographers.  Shortly after the wedding we received our initial DVD copy which included my sister's slideshow...Adam's idea! We couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out! Adam was willing to make a few small changes for us and we were pleasantly surprised to see our final DVD arrive in a personalized box with our wedding colors and the first initial of our last name. Adam went above and beyond. Thank you again for everything, Adam!